Xmodgames Alternatives: 3 Best Apps like Xmodgames for Android, iOS & PC!

Xmodgames is undoubtedly a fantastic way to add mods to your games but being a third party application, its utility is not guaranteed. So it is always wise to have xmodgames alternative that will work as the backup options in such cases. Xmodgame is the hub for the mods and tweaks for all the games. In our previous post, we have explained about how one can download and install xmodgames for Android and other such platforms but this article is about the apps like xmodgames. We are deliberating listing three apps like xmod here.

Xmod apk is the fantastic app that allows you to add the taste of mods in your game but in any case if it is not working for your device or operating system than the information upon xmodgames alternative will prove useful for you.

There are many xmodgames alternatives but we have picked only three that considers the best. So read about the xmod like apps on this page.

Freedom apk

This is the well-known name among the game lovers. Many people are already aware of Freedom apk, if they ever think of tweaking their game. Freedom apk is quite older than xmodgames. It is not exactly for giving you the game mods but allow you to buy in-app purchases for free. Not only for games, the fact is true for all the apps. Who will not enjoy the free service of all the apps for which you earlier had to pay. This is the best app like xmodgames.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is just like an intruder to your device that opens the immense opportunity for you to do with it. You can change application permissions, ad removal, taking back up, get administrative access are some of the functions that you can perform with Lucky Patcher. Installing Lucky patcher is just like xmodgame. Lucky patcher works for all the apps unlike xmodgames, usage of which is limited to games only. It forms a good xmod alternative.

Game killer

Name of this android application is really innovative which literally means “an app that kills game”. It is not wrong to call it a perfect clone of xmodgames. Game killer allow its users to pirate the value of currency, coins and gems in the games along with increasing the number of lives. It is suggested to apply the techniques of game killer on offline games because trying it on online games might go unfavorable for the users. Like xmodgames, it is not available on the Google play store.


If you have downloaded xmodgames and unfortunately is not working for you, then do not disappoint, here we explained you above the best xmodgames alternatives. Playing game is fun along with mental exercise and it would be double when you can play without restrictions of coins and gems or limited lives. These apps like xmodgame has many similarities among them. All the mentioned applications are free to download from official third party sources and requires android rooted device for successful installation. These xmod like apps are secure enough to not cause any harm to your android, windows or iOS devices.

We hope that you find this post really useful and it would have helped you in resolving your gaming and app issues. To deal with further queries; you may write us in the below comment section, especially design for the readers. No more play the same level of the game again and again to reach the next level. Simple download any one of the above xmodgame alternative and enjoy the fun!

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